This is the Music Video „Unzip“, a university project of the winter semester 2017/2018. A few student collegues and I created it for the band Neon Neet. I was the cinematographer. We chose a very experimental way to approach the intense emotions of the song, especially through a visual language and in the acting and the editing.

  • Featuring: Ida Keškić, Joy Reisinger
  • Directing & Producing: Lea Bouchal, David Prokop
  • AD & Continuity: Sonja Aberl
  • Cinematography: Valentina Strobl
  • AC: Timothy Straight
  • Lighting: Jakob Neuhauser, David Vassili Friedmann
  • Setrunner: David Vassili Friedmann
  • Editing & Grading: Lea Bouchal
  • Music: Neon Neet


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